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Unlocking the Secrets of AFL Betting Odds: A Beginner’s Guide

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Introduction: Understanding the Basics of the AFL 

Australian Rules Football is a uniquely Australian football code which has evolved out of Gaelic Football, the indigenous game of Marn Grook as well as aspects of rugby. “Aussie Rules” as is referred to, is very popular in the Southern states of Australia with an almost cult-like following amongst supporters. The game itself is high scoring which adds to the excitement of the fans. 

The Australian Football League (AFL) is the main Australian Rules competition in the world with 18 teams competing. The teams play each other at least once per season with 22 regular season matches played. The finals series features the top 8 teams with the last team remaining crowned the AFL Premiers.  

Understanding the Different Types of AFL Bet Types and How They Work

AFL betting has exploded in popularity in recent years and this has led to an emergence of different bet types.Among the most popular AFL bet types, many passionate fans choose to bet on AFL matches, as it adds an extra level of anticipation and enjoyment to their game-day experience Below are the most popular AFL bet types:

Head-to-Head Betting is the simplest bet type. You pick a team and place a bet on them to win the match. If they win, you win! The odds are set at the time of placing the bet with the favourite team returning less than the underdogs.  

Line Betting involves placing a bet on the match’s outcome based on the betting “line” which is the number that the bookmaker has handicapped the game at

For example, a match between Collingwood and Richmond has Collingwood at -11.5 and Richmond are therefore +11.5. A bet on Collingwood at -11.5 is a bet on Collingwood to win the match by 12 points or more. While Richmond can win or lose by 11 points or less for a bet on them to be successful. 

In this example, Collingwood were favourites to win the match.  

Future Bets are a great way to stay involved with the whole AFL Season. It is a bet on the outcome of an event across the whole season. Markets include Premiership, Brownlow Medal and Leading Goalkicker. These markets can wildly fluctuate throughout the season and provide constant opportunities for shrewd bettors. 

Total Points Markets are very popular with well researched bettors. They are displayed as an over/under market. How many points will the teams score combined in their match? This is a bet on the style of game that will be played. Are the forwards on each team better than the defenders? Is it going to be wet or dry? 

Exotic & Prop Bets have exploded in popularity in recent years and are a great way to enjoy AFL matches. They are a bet on a particular event happening during the match.  For example, it is a bet on a certain player kicking the first goal in the match or on who will kick the most goals throughout the game. The possibilities are endless! 

Same Game Multis are a way in which multiple bet types can be included into the same bet.  The first goal score can be added into a total points scored plus match winner bet for example. These have become very popular and provide an opportunity for big collects from a small outlay.  

How to Read and Interpret AFL Betting Odds

In Australia, betting odds are displayed in decimal form. Here are some odds for a match between Richmond and Collingwood:

Collingwood $1.60

Richmond $2.30

A $10 bet on Collingwood in the Match Odds would return $16 ($10 x $1.60).

A $10 bet on Richmond would return $23 ($10 x $2.30).

The betting market favours Collingwood to defeat Richmond in this game as they are the smaller odds. 


With its fast-paced action and high scores, Australian Rules Football is a fantastic sport to bet on. Understanding the different bet types in the AFL is crucial to profitable betting. Australian bookmaker Palmerbet offers a great range of AFL betting markets for every game Moreover, they provide exceptional AFL betting odds, ensuring that punters have access to competitive prices for their preferred wagers. 

Visit their website at Palmerbet.com or download the Palmerbet app via the app store.  

Exotic & Prop Bets have experienced a surge in popularity in recent years and have become a captivating way to enhance the excitement of AFL matches. These bet types focus on specific events occurring during the match, offering a wide range of possibilities for punters to explore. For instance, you can place a bet on a particular player kicking the first goal of the match or predict who will score the most goals throughout the game. The diversity of options is virtually limitless, allowing AFL enthusiasts to engage in thrilling and specialized wagering experiences. Whether it’s predicting unique occurrences or highlighting individual player performances, Exotic & Prop Bets add an extra layer of intrigue and enjoyment to betting on AFL.

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