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6 ways to Earn Money with YouTube in 2022

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Do you want to know how to make money using YouTube? You’ve found the right website.

This article will provide a list of ways to make YouTube monetization. To be paid to be a part of YouTube, it’s not a secret that you must make amazing videos that can attract many subscribers.

By gaining subscribers who view your content, you get views that allow you to increase the number of subscribers on your YouTube channel as time passes and increase your monetization rates. You can also buy YouTube watch hours and much more with SoNuker.

Option 1: Become an official YouTube Partner by joining YouTube’s Partner Program.

Being an official YouTube partner has minimal eligibility requirements and guidelines you have to follow. According to YouTube Support, they have the following:

Make sure you follow all YouTube guidelines for monetization.

Are you in a qualifying area or country?

More than 4,000 publicly available watch hours in the last twelve months.

More than 1000 subscribers.

Do you have a connected AdSense account?

The secret to getting subscribers and gaining views that typically requires time is the creation of enjoyable video content of genuine value.

Your videos should be of high quality to satisfy the requirements of modern-day viewers. They are adept at discerning what’s good and don’t sacrifice anything that has poor video or audio quality. Additionally, the more videos you post, forex mentor the greater you’re chance of getting to the required hours of viewing time. The consistency of releasing videos is also essential for an effective and growing channel.

Option 2: Use Sponsorships

A great way to earn money from YouTube is to use sponsorships. To get the support of a company, first, you must create an audience.

If you’ve got a good fan base and you’re after the biggest fish, you could approach companies in your area that are willing to pay you and even create paid content for them. This content might include sponsored product placements in your videos, in which you sell brief mentions or even recommendations for brands that want to be more prominent.

Option #3: Launch an online course

Ever thought of selling online classes?

Experts agree that recent and upcoming developments in e-learning show that it is a subject that is constantly evolving. Additionally, the market for e-learning size is predicted to expend over $375 billion in 2026.

Regarding the latest changes brought on by the Covid-19 epidemic, e-learning is a viable option to be the best alternative for every content creator should think about.

Online courses can be an excellent opportunity to earn money, even if you do not want to rely on ads or ads as your primary source of income.

Option #4: Make use of Google AdSense

As a YouTube associate, you will need to use Google AdSense to receive payments for advertisements on your YouTube videos.

Google AdSense is an advertising platform that allows companies to purchase ad space. YouTube places ads on videos like ones that you have as they see best – probably via algorithms.

The revenue generated by the advertisements that are placed on AdSense is generated using a cost-per-click or cost-per-view basis, based on the method the advertiser prefers.

A view is regarded as an advertisement watched for at least 30 seconds or halfway through (whichever occurs first). The typical cost is 18 cents for each view. That means that if you can count 1 000 views with 10% of viewers viewing the advertisement and you make $18.

Option #5: Sell Memberships

When it concerns the selling of memberships, One thing is sure: they’re efficient.

As a YouTube affiliate, you may offer similar Patreon subscriptions for your subscribers. However, you must be the minimum age of 18 and have more than 30000 subscribers.

When you sign up for a channel membership, users pay monthly costs ranging from $0.99 to $100. They receive exclusive rewards for members*, exclusive emojis, badges, videos with extra content, including shoutouts, and other functions like Super Chat used in live streams.

Super Chat lets viewers add highlighted comments on your live stream by pinning them for a particular duration of time based on the amount they are paying.

Option #6: Sell Branded Products

Selling merchandise with a brand name is another method of monetizing your YouTube channel. Any item could be used for merchandising purposes, and if you’re an entrepreneur and have an existing product, you’re one step ahead. Most YouTubers opt to develop and sell customized items like t-shirts that feature their logo on them. This is an excellent option. However, there are many other product options you could try.

Most Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Q1. How much money do YouTubers make?

You could make anything from $0.01 or $0.03 per click as a YouTuber for an uploaded video. For 1K views, you can earn from an average of $3 to $5. And for one million views, your earnings can go up to $5,000.

Q2. What number of views do you require to get on YouTube to earn money?

Given that you can earn $5 for each 1K views, you’ll need to be able to pay 20K to make money from YouTube. It’s because you’ll have to have the $100 mark before starting to receive payments through YouTube.

Q3. What number of subscribers do you require on YouTube to earn money?

When you reach 1000 subscribers for your account and the number of watch hours over the last twelve months, you’ll be able to be the first YouTube partner and begin monetizing your content.

Q4. How much money would a YouTuber who has 100K subscribers earn?

A YouTuber with 100K subscribers could earn up to $12,500 in the sponsorship post.

Q5. Do you think it is worth launching the YouTube channel by 2022?

Making money from YouTube is a competitive endeavor; however, should you be a person who has a passion for creating video content and want to start a YouTube channel where you offer online classes or offer your expertise to the rest of humanity.

Q6. How do you advertise the popularity of your YouTube channel?

Advertise your YouTube channel employing keywords optimized for SEO. Make use of keywords in your videos’ titles description and on your profile. Also, make customized thumbnails of your video and post the channel’s URL on the other social media sites.

Q7. How can you put the 4,000 hours you can get on your watch?

The best way to ensure you get those 4000 watch hours on your channel is to ensure you’re creating top-quality content with well-known and relevant subjects for your target audience. After you have made and optimized your content, you’ll need some efficient marketing methods to spread it around the internet.

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