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Join and Win Up to SGD20,464 in Maxim88 Weekly Raffle Draw

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Maxim88 is among the best online casino Singapore, thanks to its thrilling games and well-built website. Some of the other aspects that many gamblers in Singapore love about Maxim88 are their generosity, evident in bonuses and other giveaways they offer to their players.

One of the promotions that Maxim88 is currently running is the Raffle draw, and every registered member on their website can be part of it. Here is all you have to know about this event.

What is a Raffle draw?

A raffle draw is a competition that involves buying a ticket that qualifies you to have a chance of winning a prize at the end of the draw. However, there are some draws where qualification doesn’t involve buying tickets. For instance, the raffle draw that Maixm88 is currently running doesn’t require you to purchase any tickets like we are about to see below.

Raffle draws are usually organized by gambling companies, lottery companies, and casinos. The prizes given to winners after the draw can be in the form of cash or a physical asset that someone can take home. The Raffle draw that Maxim88 is currently running is a cash draw so that the winners will be given cash at the end of the competition.

Here is everything you need to know about the Maxim88 raffle draw.

Maxim88 Weekly Cash Giveaway

This giveaway is weekly, and all winners will be announced every Monday. The competition’s first three winners are better rewarded than the rest. The list of winners will be pinned every Monday, indicating their participation number and the amount of money they have won. Maxim88 chose not to add the winner’s names because of privacy reasons.

Being a weekly draw gives members another chance to try again whenever they don’t win. So, if you participated in the competition, don’t forget to check the website’s Raffle Draw page every week to find out whether you have won or not. The most important thing is to know your ticket number, so make sure you write it in your notes app or take a screenshot of it after entering the draw.

The good news is that this Raffle draw program will last the whole year, so if you don’t win this week, don’t lose hope because you could be among the winners in the following week.

How To Participate

The procedure to participate in this competition is as follows;

1.                  Create an account with Maxim88

Like we have shared with you above, only registered members qualify to be part of this competition. If you don’t have an account with Maxim88, you can register today to participate in this draw that could win you up to SGD20,464.Creating an account with Maxim88 is pretty easy; visit their website and click the JOIN NOW button in the top right corner of the home page. You will be required to input some personal information that includes your desired username, password, phone number, email, and referral ID (if you have it).

2.                  Play and accumulate turnover from selected game providers

Unlike Raffle draws on other platforms, the draw on this website doesn’t involve buying tickets; all you need is to play games from the selected providers on the platform. The gaming providers whose games qualify you to be part of the draw include; Spadegaming, C-Sports (CMD), Virtual Sports, Dream Gaming, Sexy Baccarat, SA Gaming, Play n Go, Pragmatic Play, Evolution Gaming, Nextspin, WM Casino. So, whether you love slots, live casino games, playing eSports, there is at least one gaming provider for each of the game categories on the website.

3.                  Notification about your participation

Members who qualify to be part of the Raffle draw will receive a message in their inbox with the details of the valid bet amount and the number of tickets that are based on the turnover accumulated from the games. This message will be sent after the cut-off time. The Raffle System Calculation of Turnover starts on Monday at 00:00:00 (GMT+8) to Sunday 23:59:59 (GMT+8).

4.                  Announcing the results

The Raffle Draw will start every Monday at 19:00 (GMT+8), and the official result will publish on the Raffle Draw Page & Weekly Winners will receive an inbox with the details of how much they won. If you receive a message about being a winner in this draw, you should also check on the Raffle Draw page to confirm if your ticket number also appears.

As we shared with you above, the actual winners’ names won’t appear on the list you will find on the Raffles winner’s page; you will only see the ticket numbers. So, if you participated in the draw, we recommend saving your number because it is what they use to track all winners.

5.                  Crediting the winners’ wallets

After the draw, winners are announced, and their Prizes will be credited to their wallets at 20:00 (GMT+8). The prizes to be won are as follows; Prize First-SGD1288, Second-SGD888, Third-SGD688, ConsolationX200 – SGD88. The special prizes are for the first three winners; the rest will receive a flat rate of SGD88.

Who is Maxim88?

Maxim88 is one of the leading online casinos in Singapore and many other countries in Asia. The variety of well-built games, reliable customer support, and generous promotions are among the reason so many gamblers in these countries are loyal to Maxim88. If you haven’t played games on this online casino, create an account today and stand a chance to be a winner in the Raffle draw and lots of other competitions on this casino website.


As we have shared above, Maxim88 is one of the most generous online casino websites in Asia. Their Raffle draw program that will run for the entire year is one of the few indicators of their generosity. To be part of the Raffle draw, create an account and play games under the selected gaming providers. Besides the raffle draw, Maxim88 also has many other promos that include bonuses and other physical giveaways. 

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