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The Best Boots for Horse Riding

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When you think about the riding first thing you start thinking about is safety, boots come second after thinking about the helmet. These boots keep you comfortable and help in protecting your feet it also prevents your foot from slipping off the stirrups. These boots are made up of high heels so that your feet don’t slip. These days the boots are made up of different styles and with different designs for different reasons. Boots that are for show and pleasure have many differences from the boots which are used for hunting and riding.

Categories of the Boots

There are various types of Horse riding boots and these are divided into two categories of English boots and western boots. English boots are made up of soft leather with high quality. It has different kinds of boots like tall boots its length is up to your knees and the paddock boots length is up to the ankle. The tall boots are used for competitions. These boots are also available in different styles and with its marvelous look with a curve on the top. The long-length boots are stable and protect your lower leg compared to the short length of the boots.

Flexibility in the Wear

These boots are preferable for dressage, cross-country riding, and jumping. And the short one provides your lower leg more flexibility. Jodhpur boots and paddock boots also belong to this category. You can wear Jodhpur boots with Jodhpur trousers which reach your ankle. These boots have zip and elastic on the side and the paddock boots have laces on the front and heels. The western boots are also available in long and short types. These boots are normally made up of leather with a heel and have a decorative pattern on the calf area. These are normally made up of cow skin and sometimes with the materials like alligator and snakeskin.

Keeping the Boots Clean

When you are cleaning your boots, you need to do it carefully and frequently because these boots are made up of fine leather. Cleaning your boots with neat’s-foot oil makes the boot clean, and you also need to polish your boots, once you are done cleaning the boots you need to keep them overnight to let the oil sit before polishing them. If you are cleaning the sole don’t apply water directly to the sole, you can wet a rag and apply that rag on the sole. You should always wear a sock after wearing the boots. We only provide our clients the best quality of boots and we also look after the taste of our clients in fashion.

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Specification of Buying Boots

When you are buying boots, you have to keep one thing very clear on your mind that what kind of riding you love we have specific boots for their purposes. If you love riding-horse you need to have the perfect equipment for them. These boots should be brought with a perfect size for the fittings; it shouldn’t be too tight or too loose. We provide you the best boots for riding.

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