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On-the-go smokers will like the Yocan Armor plus vaporizer, a simple and elegant vaporizer. It utilizes the well-known QDC coil, which produces vapor that is very clear and silky smooth. An effective coil cover is included in the ARMOR to keep thought oil from leaking out and to keep the mouthpiece from overheating as well. Depending on your demands, it offers three voltage settings that may be changed to suit you. It can be fully charged in 30 minutes and has a 380mAh battery.

  • Evolve Plus (EP) has a silicone concentrate container connected. Do not overfill. As a result, there’s no need to overcrowd it. Two grains of rice or less is all you need to add.
  • To make your life more difficult, do not overtighten the threads you use. Your best bet is to try again after you’ve overtightened the threads and let them clog up with oil.
  • To the coil cap, we go! DO NOT, I REPEAT, OVERTIGHTEN! It’s acceptable if it’s just a couple of turns tight, as long as it remains on.
  •  As a final design element, the coil cap is constantly flushed with air as you inhale on the mouthpiece. 
  • Oil will spatter if you blow air through it while it’s heating. Get thick, appealing clouds by drawing slowly and keeping your pen free of smudges.
  • Release the button after 5-10 seconds and continue pulling in gently until the all-clear light returns and turns off again (as mentioned above).
  • The more you clean your pen, the more flavorful and delightful your clouds will be. If you must brush your ceramic, use a soft bristle brush to avoid scratching it.
  •  Usage warm water or alcohol to clean it, then allow the device to dry fully before resuming use.

Very simple to use:

To be expected from a company that is continually innovating, Yocan has developed the Yocan Armor, a sleek wax pen. According to the reviews, it’s a simple-to-use, stylish, and appealing concentrate pen. To assess how the Armor stacks up against other wax pens, we’re eagerly awaiting its arrival. Find out more by reading on!. Check out the informative Best Wax Pens rating page for plenty of information to assist you to find out what works best for you if you’re new to wax and concentrates.

Quartz Dual Coil I

It’s a sturdy piece of equipment. As you can see, there is a functional coil cap that can be unscrewed to access the Quartz Dual Coil I previously indicated. Coil quality is excellent, and I like how hefty the device feels in my hands. While not the best in quality, it should survive a few droplets of water. The fact that it is available in a wide range of colors is a positive aspect of the product.

USB port vape:

With the Quartz Dual Coil, wicking is the biggest issue. Because of minor nuances like these, a wax pen is elevated above the others. A lot of excellent wax is wasted in this atomizer because of the loss that occurs at the bottom of the cup. If you’re looking for a gadget that can handle both wax and flower with ease, check out the Focus V Tourist. View of the Yocan Armor vaporizer from a different perspective. 

The Battery’s Usable Life

However, 30 minutes isn’t bad at all for a little wax pen like this one. If you use it sparingly (I’m not advising you how to live your life, after all), it should last you the whole day as it is a wax pen. Larger battery users may choose the Utillian 2, which has 650mAh capacity and can be recharged for up to two days between charges.


It is true that the Armor is a little device. The small size makes it convenient to carry about in a purse or pocket while you’re on the go. The battery life isn’t great, but it should be plenty for a night out on the town, as previously said. To be on the safe side, I’d bring a battery pack like the ZEUS Charge. Because of the short charging period, you should be able to make it all the way home.


The preheating function can be activated with two taps and the atomizer shredding can be started by pressing and holding. The wax might build up behind the coil, making cleaning more difficult, but with a little isopropyl or ZEUS Purify Cleaning Solution, your Armor can be swiftly cleaned. 


The Armor’s wax pens are among the most discrete on the market. It’s small enough to fit in your palm and is perfect for covert vaping on the go. A normal e-cigarette, it won’t grab any attention on the street. Just watch out for those ominous clouds this guy can conjure. It should also be very discrete!

Perceptions in general

The Yocan Armor is a solid piece of gear that falls somewhere in the center. It’s a strong hit, but the smoke it produces isn’t nice. It’s lightweight and compact, but the battery life isn’t excellent.

If you don’t want to be bothered by this feature, you can turn it off. If you’re looking for a wax pen to begin your concentration journey, the Armor is a fantastic place to start. You may want to wait for Yocan’s next foray into wax if you’re an experienced user. At the same price, we offer the Utillian 2, which gives better vapor quality.

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